Embrace the healing energy of crystals with a comforting, cuddly companion.


A perfectly sized plush meant to be hugged and snuggled. The Intention Teddy comes with a handy zipper pocket to safely store crystals, photos, aromatherapy, or other special mementos inside.


Whether it’s joy, comfort, or protection
This bear will be a reflection
The dreams you wish to manifest
Will shine through the heart on its chest



Happy Thoughts

Rose Quartz
Orange Calcite

Good Night’s Sleep

Black Tourmaline

Quiet Time

Rose Quartz
Clear Quartz


Jessica, founder of Mary + Nancy and creator of the Intention Teddy started her own journey with crystals over a decade ago. Hoping to share her love of crystals with her niece, she was disappointed to discover that there wasn’t an option clearly geared towards kids. When Jessica was pregnant with her son, she imagined a Teddy Bear sitting beside his crib that held a Rose Quartz crystal inside. She immediately got to work on the Intention Teddy.

"The Teddy transcends age boundaries, catering not only to children, but also resonating with teenagers and adults alike for support with sleep, meditation, manifestation, inner child work, ascension, and beyond. I hope the teddy serves as a cozy companion, providing comfort and solace to all who embrace him. I'm especially grateful for the Teddy's support throughout my own spiritual journey and initiation into motherhood. Please email us at to share
your own experiences. I would be honored
to hear from you!"-Jessica


Step 1

Choose Your Crystal

Choose a crystal that aligns with your desired intention. Refer to our free Crystal Guide for options or use your intuition to help guide this decision.

Children have a natural sensitivity to crystal energies. Let them choose using their intuition.

  • Crystals are nature’s keeper of energy and vibration. They hold on to energy to be used later when we need it… you just need to ask!

  • Crystals make our thoughts and feelings stronger. Crystals carry their own healing energies, and those energies will amplify our intentions.

  • Crystals act like a good friend. They are there for you when you need them and give you helpful nudges when you’re nearby.

  • For best results form a personal connection with the crystals through direct interaction, rather than relying solely on books or guides.
  • Step 2

    Cleanse and Charge Your Crystal

    There are various methods of cleansing and charging your crystals. Here a few children-friendly options.

    Find a houseplant:

    Place your crystal in a healthy houseplant. Salt
    Lay your crystal in a bed of natural sea salt (not iodized). Bury the crystal or lay it on top of the salt for several hours or overnight. After the salt has absorbed all of the previous or negative energies, discard the salt outside and rinse your crystal with cool water.

    If you live close to natural water from streams, rivers, or the ocean, take advantage of the flowing water for the cleansing of your crystal. Filtered water will also work. Find a glass bowl to place your crystal in and submerge them in water for a few hours. Once you feel the crystal has been cleansed, discard the water outside. Don’t overthink it! Use your intuition with cleansing. You can ask your crystal to let go of any previous intentions before setting your own. Remember, you are building a relationship with your new crystal friend.

    The Moon New and Full Moons are great to work with. Leave the crystal outside to bathe in the moonlight or on a windowsill to grant them the potent effects of the new and full moon.

    The Sun
    The sun holds powerful energy. Place your crystal outside in the sunlight or on a windowsill for a few hours to get a strong charge.

    Step 3

    Program and Place Your Crystal

    Give your crystal power and purpose by setting an intention. Find a quiet place away from distractions and electronics.

    Hold the crystal and speak your intention out loud. Visualize the crystal accepting it. Intention is EVERYTHING.

    Spend time with the crystal until you feel it holds your intention. Place your charged crystal where needed. To work with children, consider using The Intention Teddy to keep the crystal safe and prevent misplacement. Store the crystal in a double-knotted pouch to be kept with you, under the mattress, next to a bed or inside The Intention Teddy.

    Maintain the relationship with the crystal. Talk to the crystal, ask them to share their energy with you, and call on them when you need them.


    Tips and tricks for working with your Intention Teddy and crystals plus reminders on New and Full moons

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