Spirit Babies- How to Communicate with the Child You're Meant to Have. Walter Makichen

Children's Past Lives- How Past Life Memories Affect Your Child. Carol Bowman



Psychic Teachers: "Growing Up Psychic-- Helping Your Intuitive Child Thrive and Blossom"

Psychic Teachers: "The Birth of Souls-- How They Choose Us and Why"

Intuitive Girls Guide: "Intuitive & Empathic Kids" Part 1 and 2

Intuitive Girls Guide: "Indigos, Crystals & Rainbows"

Spirit Speakers: "Psychic Children"

Spirit Speakers: "Reincarnation"

Know Your Aura with Mystic Michaela: "Psychic Children & Let's "Aura-Splain" It!"

Know Your Aura with Mystic Michaela: "Your Child's Aura"

Interviews with Innocence with Marla Hughes



Heather Hawk Feinberg

Work with Heather | Mindful Kids (

Efrat Shokef

Be. Transform. Parent from your essence. - Efrat Shokef


Programs & Workshops

Metaphysical Programs For Kids | Dancing Jaguar Inspirations, LLC | Waterville

Kid/Teen Workshops | Soderworld Wellness

ABCs of Energy | Mindful Kids (


E- Courses

"Raising Your Intuitive Child"- Samantha Fey 

Raising Your Intuitive Child E-Course – Samantha Fey

"Learn How to Spiritually Protect Your Children"- Dragonstar Phoenix

Learn How to Spiritually Protect Your Children | Udemy