How to Prepare for the Full Moon in Virgo

The Full Moon in Virgo is fast approaching on March 7th, and it's an optimal time to harness the moon's potent energy for manifestation, abundance, creativity, and intuition expansion.


This Full Moon highlights the importance of organization, health, and practical matters, making it an ideal time to reflect on what is working in your life and what needs improvement. To make the most out of this Full Moon, here are some simple steps you can follow.


Prepare for the Full Moon:

A few days before the Full Moon, begin to prepare by setting aside some time for yourself. This can be a quiet moment or a whole ritual. Take a bath, do some light yoga or meditation to get yourself in a relaxed and receptive state.


Reflect on what needs improvement:

Take some time to journal or make a list of the things that are no longer serving you and that you would like to release.


Set Your Intentions:

Now that you have reflected on what needs improvement, it's time to set your intentions. Take some time to focus on what you would like to manifest and what you want to bring into your life. Write down your intentions on a piece of paper.


Charge Your Crystals:

If you work with crystals, charge them with your intentions by placing them outside under the Full Moon or near a window where they can absorb the moon's energy. If you don't work with crystals use the piece of paper as a reminder throughout the rest of the lunar cycle.


Experiment with Intuition Expansion:

This is a good time to experiment with expanding your intuition. Try different methods such as meditating to receive intuitive messages.


Take Action:

Use the energy of the Virgo Full Moon to take action towards creating a more efficient and balanced way of being. Take the steps necessary to release what is no longer serving you and to bring in what you want to manifest.


Enjoy this special time of the month!



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